Survey Controllers

SURVEY SOLUTIONS offers a range of options for survey controller hardware

Android has become the most popular operating system for survey controllers. The affordable hardware combined with better performance in battery life and screen brightness has caused this shift.

For android field software the following would be recommended:

SurvX android software from SOUTH with all the New Zealand coordinate systems from 1949 to 2000 and the latest 2016 geoid model for heights. Functionality includes stakeout points, lines and DTM as well as topographical survey using user defined feature code library. Import and export of data can be made via user defined CSV or DXF/DWG.

Microsurvey , a Hexagon company, produces Fieldgenius software from Canada and is another very popular field software worldwide with all the necessary functions for site survey and stakeout etc. Versions of Fieldgenius available for operating systems such as Windows CE, Windows 10 and Android. Compatibility for GNSS and Total Stations is available.

Watch the following video on SurvX android software CLICK HERE

Watch the following video on Fieldgenius Android software CLICK HERE