Survey Controllers

SURVEY SOLUTIONS offers several options for survey controller hardware

SURVEY SOLUTIONS offers several options for survey controller hardware

The SOUTH X11 survey controller has built-in bluetooth, WiFi and a last all day rechargeable battery offering the most affordable solution with outstanding screen clarity in bright sunlight.

For customers who prefer a full alpha numeric keypad and more traditional controller then the Carlson Surveyor2 is an ideal solution.

For a large screen for complex engineering drawings the SOUTH HR842 Windows 10 ruggedised tablet PC is ideal. Or use an affordable android tablet or phone combined with the SurvX software.

SURVEY SOLUTIONS offers several choices for field software solutions from Carlson SurvCE/PC (USA), Microsurvey Fieldgenius (Canada), 12D field (Australia), SOUTH SurvX android software.

Carlson SurvCE software from USA is popular worldwide and has been proven on thousands of projects and by hundreds of customers all over New Zealand. Features as standard include feature codes for topographical site surveys, stakeout points/lines/DTM, import/export CSV/DXF/DGN/LandXML/ESRI shape, graphical COGO and standard CAD layers for data.

Microsurvey (Hexagon) Fieldgenius software from Canada is another very popular field software worldwide with all the necessary functions for site survey and stakeout etc

12D software is well established in the office throughout New Zealand and the latest 12D field allows seemless data integration between the office and field for existing 12D users.

SOUTH SurvX android software can take advantage of android tablet/phone hardware with full functionality for survey, mapping and stakeout with support for New Zealand coordinates/datums. Watch the following video CLICK HERE