RTK Connect

RTK Connect service is a New Zealand based solution using the internet to transmit RTK correction messages using NTRIP RTCM 3.2 between the GNSS base station and rover instead of UHF radio.

There are many benefits to such a solution including:

  • No UHF radio interference issues and wasted downtime from such issues
  • Extended operational range of the rover from the GNSS base station of +20 kilometers
  • The solution is purely software driven with no purchasing of hardware or extra charging of batteries required
  • Less power consumption at the GNSS base station meaning battery lasts twice as long
  • Service is available 24/7
  • Setup the GNSS base daily on tripod or permanently mount on roof of your office or project site or setup your own private LINZ style network

And of course if you work in an area with no internet access then switching the GNSS back to UHF only takes a minute.

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