The next generation SLAM algorithm, GeoSLAM BEAM, provides a higher accuracy and a cleaner pointcloud.

SLAM environment presets optimise the SLAM settings such as outdoor, indoor, linear, UAV/drone, vehicle etc

Capture known survey control points during the scan and the data is automatically positioned to the control points with an accuracy root mean square RMS report.

The phone APP integrates photos and notes during the pointcloud data capture. The photos and notes are then available within the pointcloud at each position the photo and note was created.

Automated workflows and one button solutions to a variety of applications. Customised scripts are easily developed for unique customer applications.

Construction Progress (Change detection) is a smart monitoring solution using GeoSLAM CONNECT change detection script to track the progress of large construction projects using mobile LiDAR and automated analytics.

  • Automated project progress with transparent, easy to understand, shareable PDF reports
  • See your construction progress through the life cycle of a project, helping reporting, avoiding disputes and delay penalties
  • Automated file storage compatible with industry collaboration platforms so the full project team and stakeholders can access progress reports anytime
  • In-sourced data collection no waiting for external contractors, collect data when you need it
  • Quickly and easily share project progress updates ensuring full transparency
  • Move beyond whiteboards and WhatsApp with easy to implement, digital construction progress
  • GeoSLAM is a trusted technology provider for some of the Worlds largest companies

Floorslices script in GeoSLAM CONNECT is set to revolutionise the way we understand our spaces. Use GeoSLAM Floorslices for the rapid and automatic creation of 2D floorplans using mobile LiDAR and analytics.

  • No specialist outsourced data collectors required, with a few minutes training your team will be able to capture quality data
  • Not reliant on photogrammetry where large spaces or multiple floors can’t be captured, and where mistakes are common
  • You own 100% of the data, always. We don’t have access to your data for machine learning
  • You can choose where you want the floorplans to be stored, making it easier to collaborate with colleagues
  • Choose to integrate photos, notes or voice notes into your data
  • Reliable hardware and automated data processing, backed up by GeoSLAM Care

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