3D Scanning

For customers unable to invest in a system we offer a 3D laser & reality capture service.

3D Scanning & Reality Capture

The director of SURVEY SOLUTIONS has been involved in 3D scanning & reality capture for more than 20 years on projects in New Zealand (10 years), South East Asia (4 years) and the United Kingdom (6 years).

A range of 3D laser and reality capture devices are available for sale varying in accuracies of 10 microns (0.01mm) to 30mm.

For customers unable to invest in a system we offer a 3D laser & reality capture service.

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SURVEY SOLUTIONS use the latest 3D scanners which we provide the 3D scanning & reality capture service with on a range of projects including oil/gas, power/process, roading, tunnels, archaeology, construction sites, railway, historical buildings and crime scene.

During this time we have used extensively many models of 3D scanners including MENSI S10, MENSI S25, Trimble GS100 and TX5, FARO PhotonFocus 3D, M70 & X330, ARTEC EVASPIDER & LEO, GEOMAGIC CAPTURE, GEOSLAM ZEB1, ZEB REVO,  ZEB REVO RT, ZEB HORIZON and ZEB DISCOVERY.

Projects completed in New Zealand include:

  • Dairy factory- Invercargill
  • Power turbine 6 tonnes- Christchurch
  • Public trust building- Wellington
  • NH90 helicopter- Ohakea
  • Oil drill ship engine room- New Plymouth
  • Hospital boiler room – Hamilton
  • Iron sand processing – Taharoa
  • Flour factory – Tauranga
  • Kaingaroa Forest – Rotorua
  • Power turbine – Kawerau
  • Dairy factory – Edgecumbe
  • Devonport pier – Auckland
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ARTEC 3D Scanners

ARTEC based in Luxembourg, Europe, manufacture a range of 3D scanners and are world leaders in high accuracy 3D scanners.

The ARTEC LEO is the latest 3D scanner and is the most versatile with an accuracy of 100 microns (0.1 mm). Working outdoors in bright sunlight with built in rechargeable battery and display opens up many new applications for 3D scanning

ARTEC SPACE SPIDER developed for NASA has an accuracy of 50 microns (0.05mm) and is ideal for engineering parts and CAD for reverse engineering parts with intricate detail such as threads.

ARTEC Micro has an accuracy of 10 microns (0.01mm) and is a desktop based automated 3D scanner for the smallest of objects found in jewelry and dentistry.

ARTEC RAY is a long range 110m tripod based 3D scanner with an accuracy of 0.7mm @ 15 meters with very low noise levels of 0.12mm @ 15 meters.


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GeoSLAM 3D reality capture

GeoSLAM, based in the United Kingdom, manufacture the disruptive technology ZEB family range of mobile 3D laser & reality capture devices which are affordable, mobile, adaptable and use SLAM. Handheld, UAV mountable, vehicle mountable or suspend down a shaft on a cable are all possible.

Options available include:

ZEB Go for mainly indoor work with a measurement range of 30m, long battery life, and the most reliable SLAM on the market

ZEB Horizon for outdoor and indoor work with a measurement range of 100m and compatible with your existing GNSS

ZEB Pano for recording 360 colour images during data capture.

ZEB Discovery for combining the NCTech high resolution spherical imagery up to 60MP with the lidar data to provided a rich colourised 3D pointcloud


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