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  • GIS field data collection software from Survey Solutions
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A mobile GIS software to provide a professional mapping solution. Included in the software is:

  • Field and Office work (prepare, collect, edit, share GIS data)
  • Windows desktop and Android compatible with same interface and short learning curve.
  • Offline and online field data collection

Work on the same project and the same files regardless of whether you prepare them on a PC in the office or complete them with new measurement data in the field on android device.

Intuitive interface with fast thematic mapping, GNSS surveying, stakeout & CoGo functions, smart forms & calculated fields.

Display really big vector and raster files

Customise & create your own templates, jobs, layers, attribute tables.

Load your vector files MAP, SHP, MIF, DXF, TXT, CSV, DAT, DBF, TAB or MID

View raster images in JPEG, ERS, TIFF, GEOTIFF, PNG, LAN, BIL, BMP formats

Load your aerial or satellite images or use built in online Tile Map Services such as Google Satellites, Bing Maps Roads or OpenStreetMaps.

Ideal for the HR842 tablet PC or android devices

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