GeoSLAM 3D Reality Capture

GeoSLAM, from the United Kingdom, manufacture the ZEB family 3D laser & reality capture devices which is a disruptive next generation technology for mobile mapping. Several models currently available including ZEB PANO, ZEB REVO RT, ZEB HORIZON and ZEB DISCOVERY.

The ZEB family from GeoSLAM have the following core values:

  • SPEED. Rapid mobile mapping of any environment without the need for GPS or expensive motion sensors. Up to 10x faster than static or traditional survey techniques
  • SIMPLICITY. Simple on/off operation and user friendly software. The system requires minimal training.
  • QUALITY. With a strong track record on 1000's of projects this innovative and award winning SLAM mapping software provides accurate results in even the most challenging environments
  • ADAPTABLE clip & go technology as handheld, pole, remote vehicle or UAV mounted.
  • DISRUPTIVE technology

At its core is GeoSLAM’s industry leading Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, which facilitates rapid mobile mapping of object and feature rich environments either indoors or outdoors. 


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 The ZEBā€REVO RT is optimised for indoor environments, but also works outdoors, and can be deployed as a handheld unit, mounted on a telescopic pole or remote vehicle. It is ideally suited for:

  • Floor plans 2D
  • BOMA surveys
  • BIM 3D surveys

Case studies available here


ZEB DISCOVERY offers pointcloud and high resolution imagery synchronisation from NCtech iStar Pulsar for rapid reality capture and creation of digital twins of complex urban mapping projects

60MP spherical imagery, GPS for featureless environments and 100 meter range lidar provides a solution for all environments.

Automated office workflow via GeoSLAM HUB and ORBIT software provide a complete solution for challenging projects

A modular solution built around CLIP & GO technology allows the deployment of the lidar sensor as a handheld, backpack, pole, remote vehicle or UAV mountable solution. Adapt the solution to the challenges of each project.

Watch following video of coloured 3D pointcloud from DISCOVERY click here

Watch following video of 360 images displayed in web browser from DISCOVERY click here


ZEB HORIZON 3D laser demonstration video here. Technical features of HORIZON include:

  • UAV mountable
  • Pole mountable
  • Handheld deployment
  • 100 meter range
  • RGB and intensity values

Get complete lidar coverage of any site outdoors or indoors from the air or ground level using the one lidar sensor in minimal time. More details on GeoSLAM website.


ZEB PANO reality capture to create digital twins and real estate floor plans with interactive 360 degree panoramic photography with following features:

  • Quick and easy property surveying
  • 360 degree interactive 3D data
  • Position 360 degree panoramic photos on a floor plan
  • High resolution 360 degree photos

Further details available here

GeoSLAM HORIZON sample datasets

The following GeoSLAM HORIZON 3D laser scan datasets can be reviewed in following video flythroughs

PointCab software being used to generate 2D orthophotos in DWG format of an outdoor topographical  site measured using ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner

Pointfuse software being used to generate a 3D surface model of a dump truck measured using ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner

CloudCompare software being used to georeference to GPS control a 3D pointcloud measured using ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner of an outdoor topographical site

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