GeoSLAM 3D Laser Scanners

GeoSLAM, from the United Kingdom, manufacture the ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner which is a disruptive next generation technology for mobile handheld 3D laser scanners

The ZEB REVO has the following benefits:

  • Rapid 3D Scanning of large & complex areas indoors and outdoors
  • Several times faster than the latest tripod based terrestrial 3D scanners
  • Data is accurate
  • Flexible mounting handheld, pole or remote vehicle
  • Short learning curve and minimal training
  • Office processing automated and takes minutes
  • Disruptive technology

ZEB CAM is an optional extra available which adds imagery to your 3D scan data using video via the onboard colour camera mounted on the ZEB REVO.

3D models available for viewing on website


At its core is GeoSLAM’s industry leading Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, which facilitates rapid mobile mapping of object and feature rich environments either indoors or outdoors. This versatility renders the ZEB‐REVO suitable for a large variety of applications that would otherwise prove difficult or time consuming using other measurement techniques;

  • BIM and BOMA surveys
  • Stockpile volumes industrial warehouses
  • Topographical site surveys of industrial sites outdoors & indoors
  • Underground mine and cave mapping
  • Forestry scanning and biomass calculations

There are two options available for office automatic SLAM registration processing:

  • GeoSLAM CLOUD for pay as you go processing of data in the cloud (Internet). No upfront software purchases or training required.
  • GeoSLAM DESKTOP for unlimited datasets on local desktop providing complete privacy of data while processing in the field without an internet connection

Further details available here

GeoSLAM overview- survey in motion

GeoSLAM user guide

PointCab software from Germany is available in the following modules:

  • Pointcab Suite
  • PointCab 3DPro
  • PointCab 4CAD
  • PointCab Registration

PointCab software works with pointclouds from any model of 3D laser scanner and is:

  • The quickest method to obtain 2D drawings
  • The quickest method to get 3D models in Revit, ArchiCad or Autocad.

Further details available here

Pointfuse software from the United Kingdom is ideal for quickly generating 3D models from 3D pointclouds.

The 3D models generated can be either plane surfaces or mesh and can be exported as DXF for transfer to third party CAD packages for further processing.

PointCab software being used to generate 2D orthophotos in DWG format of an outdoor topographical  site measured using ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner

Pointfuse software being used to generate a 3D surface model of a dump truck measured using ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner

CloudCompare software being used to georeference to GPS control a 3D pointcloud measured using ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner of an outdoor topographical site

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