Case Studies

SURVEY SOLUTIONS supply the latest disruptive technologies which are true game changers outlined in the following case studies.The technical solutions enable customers to be more efficient, competitive and grow their business

GeoSLAM- Case studies from around the world
Applications include BIM modeling schools, University of Oxford, Virtual Singapore, Heritage buildings in Jerusalem, and underground mines
GeoSLAM for residential houses
Survey a 20,000 ft2 house internally and externally in 2&1/2 hours
Survey Quarterly- Nostalgic look at 3D laser scanning
20th Dec 2011
A nostalgic look at 3D laser scanning over the last 10 years
Digital Site Planning- MOTAT

This article published in Museum of Transport & Technology (MOTAT) in Auckland covers the use of the revolutionary ZEB1 3D Laser Scanner to accurately and quickly map the museum buildings
Quality Control using ARTEC 3D Scanners

Two case studies covering quality control for piping and quality control for metal casting using ARTEC 3D scanners
Role of Site Engineer in UK
12th Dec 2012
The director, Allan Hosking, spent 4 years working as a site engineer in the UK and this article published in the Survey Quarterly overviews the role and projects.
Surveying+Spatial- Survey in Motion

An article published in Surveying+Spatial magazine in September 2015 on the revolutionary ZEB1 3D laser scanner which is the first handheld truely mobile 3D laser scanner for mapping large areas
Monitoring Stockpiles using GEOSLAM 3D Laser Scanners

The use of the GEOSLAM 3D Laser Scanner to accurately and quickly measure the volume of stockpiles in an indoor warehouse
Building plans 10x faster using GEOSLAM 3D Laser Scanners

Measuring existing buildings quickly and accurately using the GEOSLAM 3D Laser Scanners
Designed Prosthetics- Victoria University win James Dyson Award

Using the ARTEC SPIDER 3D Scanner Victoria University Industrial Design department won the James Dyson award in 2014 for designing prosthetics
Survey Quarterly- Made in China
20th March 2012
An article on land survey equipment manufactured in China
3D Scan to BIM and REVIT

An architect measuring buildings and heritage assets quickly gets into a BIM & REVIT environment using GEOSLAM 3D Laser Scanners
ARTEC 3D Scan of Statue
24th Sep 2012
This statue was 3D scanned and processed in minutes. Ideal for scaled reproductions, animation & gaming, archiving and documentation.
3D Laser scanning- Tunnel profiling
16th Oct 2008
3D Laser scanning of tunnels and generating 2D sections
3D Laser Scanning- Archaeology during construction of a canal
12th Mar 2008
3D laser scanning for archaeological recording of stone walls and buildings
3D laser scanning M&E- Offshore gas platform
12th Feb 2002
3D laser scanning of an offshore gas compression platform and generating a 3D model for import into PDMS

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