3D Scanning

The director of SURVEY SOLUTIONS has been involved in 3D scanning for more than 17 years on projects all over the world. Further details can be found in CASE STUDIES.

3D models available for viewing on website


SURVEY SOLUTIONS use the latest 3D scanners which we provide the 3D scanning service with.

3D scanning is regularly used worldwide for the following:

  • Heritage documentation and archive
  • Measured building survey for floor plans, elevations and 3D models
  • M&E for oil/gas, power/process, ship building & repair
  • Survey of roads and tunnels
  • Volumes in quarries & mines
  • Reverse Engineering and rapid prototyping

To discuss your requirements further or to arrange a 3D scan please do not hesitate to contact us.

ARTEC 3D Scanners

ARTEC based in Luxembourg, Europe, manufacture a range of hand held 3D scanners which are world leaders in close range high accuracy 3D scanners. They use either white light or blue light (no lasers) so are totally eye safe and require no targets or annual calibration.


GEOSLAM, in the United Kingdom, manufacture the ZEB REVO 3D laser scanner which is an affordable, truely mobile handheld 3D laser scanner ideal for:

  • BIM
  • Floor plans & measured building surveys 2D & 3D
  • BOMA surveys
  • Rapid topographical survey of large congested areas indoors and outdoors
  • Volumes of stockpiles in industrial warehouse storage
  • Mines & tunnels
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