3D Scanning & Reality Capture

The director of SURVEY SOLUTIONS has been involved in 3D scanning & reality capture for more than 18 years on projects in New Zealand (8 years), South East Asia (4 years) and the United Kingdom (6 years).

A range of 3D laser and reality capture devices are available for sale to measure objects varying in accuracies of 50 microns (0.05mm) to 15mm. Whether the object is the size of a coin to the size of a large multi story building we have the right solution to get the job done in record time.

For customers unable to invest in a system we offer a 3D laser & reality capture service.

Further details can be found in CASE STUDIES.


SURVEY SOLUTIONS use the latest 3D scanners which we provide the 3D scanning & reality capture service with.

Projects completed in New Zealand include:

  • Dairy factory- Invercargill
  • Power turbine 6 tonnes- Christchurch
  • Public trust building- Wellington
  • NH90 helicopter- Ohakea
  • Oil drill ship engine room- New Plymouth
  • Hospital boiler room - Hamilton
  • Iron sand processing - Taharoa
  • Flour factory - Tauranga
  • Kaingaroa Forest - Rotorua
  • Power turbine - Kawerau
  • Dairy factory - Edgecumbe
  • Devonport pier - Auckland

ARTEC 3D Scanners

ARTEC based in Luxembourg, Europe, manufacture a range of 3D scanners and are world leaders in high accuracy 3D scanners.

ARTEC Micro has an accuracy of 10 microns (0.01mm)

ARTEC SPACE SPIDER developed for NASA has an accuracy of 50 microns (0.05mm).

The ARTEC LEO has an accuracy of 100 microns (0.1mm) and can measure objects up to the size of a truck

ARTEC RAY is a traditional tripod based 3D laser scanner with a range of up to 110 meters and accuracy of 0.7 mm with very low noise levels of down to 0.12mm (120 microns)


GeoSLAM, based in the United Kingdom, manufacture the disruptive technology ZEB family range of 3D laser & reality capture devices which are affordable, mobile and adaptable. Measurement ranges of up to 100 meters and high resolution spherical imagery up to 60MP are available. Ideal for:

  • UAV mounted
  • BIM
  • Floor plans 2D & measured building surveys 3D
  • BOMA surveys
  • Rapid topographical survey of large congested areas indoors and outdoors
  • Volumes of stockpiles in industrial warehouse storage
  • Mines & tunnels

Don't get left standing still, complete projects previously considered impossible. Get complete lidar coverage of a site from the air and ground using the one lidar sensor in minimal time

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